I am now making available a freeware desktop version of Pafwert, a strong password generator. Although it looks simple on the surface, Pafwert is a complex software application I built based on years of research on passwords and password security.

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Pafwert is an unique tool to help you to select strong passwords that are easy to remember. Pafwert suggests sample passwords that you can use to formulate a strong password that works for you. Using strong entropy, tens of thousands of seed words, more than a hundred patterns with endless variations, and following password best practices, Pafwert can help you to select very strong passwords that are surprisingly easy to memorize. We have all seen random password generators, but Pafwert is surprisingly different.

What makes Pafwert different than every other password generator? It’s simple, most random password generators spit out passwords like these that are impossible to remember:

  • KBYd4ie*2
  • $4WN2Kxp
  • IQh58&Yh
  • da1z#VW4

While Pafwert generates passwords like these that are actually much stronger and actually kind of fun to remember:

  • bone.horse.berner
  • Miss. Undercarriage
  • www.orangeslapper.gov
  • Anaxtogrind v2.0
  • See more…

Now it doesn’t take much to realize that users are much more willing to use strong passwords with just a little help from Pafwert. And don’t knock the simplicity–it’s much smarter than you think.



Note that Pafwert is now open source and available at GitHub!

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