My Favorite Passwords of the Month

Okay so I deal with passwords quite a bit and people tend to eagerly share their passwords with me way more than they should. And although most passwords I come across are pretty weak, I do sometimes come across some true greats, either for their strength, originality, or memorability. Here are some of my favorites I have seen recently:

  • SquidSquisher
  • pork-the-roast
  • 1ntouchwithmyself
  • dookie4donuts

So there you have it, five passwords that are fairly strong and easy to remember!

The Worst Password Tips


Because I have always been so fascinated with passwords, I always like to hear different tips people have for creating strong passwords. However, I have to admit that most of the tips I run across are actually kind of lame and really are not very secure. Unfortunately, some of these tips are quite popular and get passed around way too much. In fact, I rarely see any advice besides these I have listed. Continue reading “The Worst Password Tips” »

Recent Security Pro VIP articles

Here are some articles I have recently written for Security Pro VIP. Note that these articles are for subscribers only. Security Pro VIP is a new online publication that used to be Penton’s Windows IT Security newsletter.
Bounce Unwanted Files Out of Your Folders
A new file screening tool in the Windows 2003 R2 File Server Resource Manager toolset lets you block certain files or file types from entering a folder or notify an administrator about the files and take some action.

Windows Firewall Auditing
Regularly auditing the firewall configuration settings for the systems you manage keeps accumulated misconfigurations from compromising your protection. A useful script lets you easily audit your systems’ firewall configurations.

DNS Annoyances
Get a handle on DNS annoyances–small but irritating problems that can affect the performance of your network–and use DNS to its full potential.

More DNS Tips
Besides just plain DNS annoyances, we have some great tips for working with DNS.

Other articles I have written for this publication are here.

Don’t forget the KB’s

With Microsoft’s ongoing improvements to the patch management process, you may find yourself letting automation take over on patch Tuesday. I sat down at my PC this morning and saw that it had rebooted because it automatically installed new updates. Although I spent half the day yesterday writing patch reports for several clients, I forgot to apply the patches on my own system. The fact is that nowadays you can get away with doing that.

Continue reading “Don’t forget the KB’s” »