Mark Burnett is a security consultant, author, and researcher who specializes in hardening Microsoft Windows-based servers and networks. He has spent nearly a decade developing unique strategies and techniques for locking down Windows servers and maintaining his specialized expertise of Windows security. Mark is author and coauthor of a number of security books and publishes security articles for several web sites, newsletters, and magazines. Microsoft has three times recognized Mark’s contribution to the Windows community with the Windows Server – IIS Most Valued Professional (MVP) award and four times with the Windows Security MVP award. Mark’s competencies are in Windows security, networking, software development, intrusion detection, scripting, and application security.

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Perfect Passwords
Syngress Publishing, ISBN: 1597490415User passwords are the keys to the network kingdom, yet most users choose overly simplistic passwords (like password) that anyone could guess, while system administrators demand impossible to remember passwords littered with obscure characters and random numerals. Author Mark Burnett has accumulated and analyzed over 2,000,000 user passwords, and in this highly entertaining and informative book filled with dozens of illustrations reveals his findings and balances the rigid needs of security professionals against the ease of use desired by users.
Software Piracy Exposed
Co-Author, Technical Editor
Syngress Publishing, ISBN: 1932266984For every $2 worth of software purchased legally, $1 worth of software is pirated illegally. For the first time ever, the dark underground of how software is stolen and traded over the internet is revealed. The technical detail provided will open the eyes of software users and manufacturers worldwide! This book is a tell-it-like-it-is expos of how tens of billions of dollars worth of software is stolen every year.
Microsoft Log Parser Toolkit
Co-Author, Technical Editor
Syngress Publishing, ISBN: 1932266526Do you want to find Brute Force Attacks against your Exchange Server? Would you like to know who is spamming you? Do you need to monitor the performance of your IIS Server? Are there intruders out there you would like to find? Would you like to build user logon reports from your Windows Server? Would you like to export your logs to XML? Would you like working scripts to automate all of these tasks and many more for you? If so, this book is for you… “Microsoft Log Parser Toolkit” is co-authored by Microsoft’s Log Parser developer providing a complete reference to this SQL-Query driven log analysis tool. The book and accompanying Web site also provide dozens of customized, working scripts, queries, and templates for Windows Server, Snort IDS, Exchange Server, IIS, ISA Server, Snort and more.
Hacking the Code
Syngress Publishing, ISBN: 1932266658Are Your Web Applications Really Secure? This unique book walks you through the many threats to your web application code, from managing and authorizing users and encrypting private data to filtering user input and securing XML. For every defined threat, it provides a menu of solutions and coding considerations. And, it offers coding examples and a set of security policies for each of the corresponding threats.
Stealing the Network
Syngress Publishing, ISBN: 1931836876
Stealing the Network is a book of science fiction. It’s a series of short stories about characters who gain unauthorized access to equipment and information, or deny use of those resources to the people who are meant to have access to them. The characters, though sometimes well described, are not the stars of these stories. That honor belongs to the tools that the black-hat hackers use in their attacks, and also to the defensive measures arrayed against them by the hapless sysadmins who, in this volume, always lose. Consider this book, with its plentiful detail, the answer to every pretty but functionally half-baked user interface ever shown in a feature film.
Special OPS: Host and Network Security for Microsoft, UNIX, and Oracle
Syngress Publishing, ISBN: 1931836698Special Ops: Host and Network Security for Microsoft, UNIX, and Oracle provides solutions for the impossible 24-hour IT work day. By now, most companies have hardened their perimeters and locked out the “bad guys,” but what has been done on the inside? Have you considered the damage that could be done by recently laid-off or disgruntled employees, contractors and consultants, building security guards, cleaning staff, and of course the unsecured wireless network? This is the one book you need to defend the soft, chewy center of internal networks.
Maximum Windows 2000 Security
Sams Publishing, ISBN: 0672319659Maximum Windows 2000 Security is designed for system administrators, managers, and Windows 2000 users who need to protect their Windows 2000 servers and workstations from unauthorized intrusions and other external threats to their system’s integrity.


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