Password Stock Photos

I’m getting a little tired of seeing the same stock photos over and over on passwords articles so I thought I’d share a set I had made to use on my blog that are at least a little different.

If you find these photos useful they are available for use royalty free with the following options:

Non-Commercial Commercial
You may use these photos for non-commercial uses with attribution to Mark Burnett ( You are also welcome to donate! You may use these photos for commercial purposes with a payment of $10 per photo per use. Your payment receipt is your license.. Attribution to Mark Burnett ( is optional. For resell use please contact me.


The base word clouds in these photos are the top passwords from my 10 million passwords list (made SFW) and were made using Processing with the WordCram library (and Photoshop to fill in the gaps)

Click on the thumbnails below to view/download the full resolution photos.


Passwords stock photo Passwords stock photo Passwords stock photo Passwords stock photo
Passwords stock photo Passwords stock photo Passwords stock photo Passwords stock photo
Passwords stock photo Passwords stock photo Passwords stock photo Passwords stock photo
Passwords stock photo Passwords stock photo Passwords stock photo Passwords stock photo



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